•What size are your caricatures?
Paper size is 12″x 16″ but can be reduced
to whatever size from copies likeFedEx Office
•How long do live caricatures take?
 3-5 min each for black and white
 4-6 min each for color
•How long does it take you to set up?
 Less than 5 min
•Can you draw more than one person in a caricature drawing?
 Yes, but we try not to draw more than 4
•What type of payment do you accept?
 Cash, checks, or credit cards. CASH PREFERRED!
•What does the caricature artist need from the host?
 Chairs(unless otherwise stated), shade, cover if its raining and well lit area
•Do you call yourself a Cartoon Artist?
Oh sure we have also been referred to as Portrait Artist,Sketch Artist, Artista (in spanish), Caricature Maker,Caricaturist,Cartoonist and Illustrator
•Do you have insurance?
 Yes we are insured by Specialty Insurance
•Can a logo or name of event be printed on the paper?
 Yes there is a fee. That depends on how many guests are at the party

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